1st Quarter 2016

1st QUARTER 2016.

The year has started with sad decease of our friend and fellow breeder Friedo Wiertz. He tried to stay with us as long as possible and to see born the puppies from Haley, but it was not to be. R.I.P.

On January 12, 2016 Haley has 10 beautiful healthy puppies put on the world, 6 males and 4 females.
All puppies were right for a new owner who can follow everything via Skype webcam.
After 14 days, the new owners were allowed to look at the puppies, everyone naturally turn.
It is intended that they as often as they want come to look and then they have the next few weeks to decide which is their is 1st choice and the 2nd choice and on the 7th week come the judge Liane Eekman-Lampio to do a character test.
Which of the two choices fits the best in the family, which one gets over.
All puppies are at the new owners, the messages which we get it goes all well.
They all go on puppy / hunting training.

On March 14, we received the sad news that Abel of Yske from Van Achter De Duinen from the first litter put to sleep, we wish Jan and Liet much strength.

On March 15, we received a request from the owner of Furst Pebbels Van Achter De Duinen if I knew someone who could bring Pebbels on March 26 for placing at the performance test of the association.
I thought immediately on Brigitte Dekker who used our Yske also trained completely and everything has achieved with her.
It was a real challenge in 14 days to time get so far as a male of almost 5 years he wanted to do everything with a lot of fun for Brigitte.
In total had Brigitte 2x 3 days Pebbels had at her home and we have trained with him.

With a good cheer we drove on March 26 to Hulshorst where we were not alone, there were 13 females and 11 males who came for the performance test ,in the morning was the exterior appraisal and in the afternoon the real thing where we had trained .

Pebbels us not disappoint, he did everything with passion and work will plus that he has a great character we are very happy that once again a male comes on the breedlist from
the association .
Pebbels succeeded with brilliance .

Thanks Brigitte for your efforts.