1nd Quarter 2017

January 1 the D-Litter has become 8 years.

Haley is really pregnant.

January 4 visited by Liane Eekman-Lampio from Kennel von Beer’s Freunde to hug the children of our Noble Eischoll of Behind the Dunes.
January 4 at Liane Eekman-Lampio Kennel von Beer’s Freunde came by to hug the offspring from our Noble Eischoll van Achter de Duinen.

January 12 has became the M-Litter 1 year.

January 16 the last inspection of Haley + Herpes injection in the Animal Clinic – De Zwarte Zee in Maassluis-NL.

January 21 are born 6 females and 4 males from Haley and Adar.

The month of February is the month of visit from all the new puppy owners so they have all the time to make a choice

March 3 the C-Litter has become 10 years.

March 4, the B-Litter is 11 years old today and the E-Litter 7 years.
Friday, March 4, we have been traditionally with all the puppies at the week market in ‘s-Gravenzande for socialization.

March 12 photo shoot made on from the puppies, this tim on the beach of Hoek van Holland / annex North Sea .

March 21 All puppies are to their new owners.

March 29 Louis has started again to train with Haley at DogSupport.

** Sylvia van Antwerpen owner from Pippa and Eischoll thanks you very much
for all taken wonderful photo sessions very much appreciated, pictures to
see N-Nest in the website www.vanachterdeduinen.nl .