2nd Quarter 2017

April 1st. Field match where participated Haley and Pippa, they did it super, but there was no wild.
All puppies from the N. nest have flown out, many have already been acquainted with the water (swimming ?)

April 5th. F. Nest has become 6 years.

April 10. Nest evaluation in Hoenderloo from D. nest Ben’s Vriend D, where Noble Eischoll Van Achter de Duinen the father is.
Also the nest evaluation of our M. nest also in Hoenderloo, where from the 10 pups were present 8 pups, also were 8 puppies from the N nest come and watch .
We received from judge Gerard Mensink a very good report.

April 13th. The H. nest has become 5 years. Haley and Pippa have been to the beach with Sylvia van Antwerpen.
Ziva from the L. nest is often seen on the Zeeland beach.

May. We have been to Cornwall (England) for a few weeks with Haley.
With all the dogs from our nests it’s all right.
We have regular contact with almost everyone.

Half May and June were hot days, all the dogs enjoyed playing in the water in a variety of ways, but the trainings just went on.

June 30th . We have started visiting all the puppies from the N. nest, among to bring the pedigree and other things, with of course a gift for the dogs and the owners.