3st Quarter 2015

3nd Quarter 2015
We have a fairly busy Quarterly behind us. The month of July was especially hot this year
We are the first weekend of July 2015 at the Clubmatch of the French Association Dog Show 2015 was in Blequin / Normandie, also we had taken with us Comtess Lobke Van Achter De Duinen, because she was staying at that moment by us. So we participated with three dogs, Haley in the Open Class and Brikla & Lobke in the Veteran class, to our delight they got all three Certificate Excellent and an Cup.
Full of expectation we went Augustus the first week-end with a whole team 21 Participants – 13 Dogs – 11 Heidewachtels and 1 German Stander for the 9th time at Cattenom in France for a Hunting Course in Field & Water work.
There were 4 pups from the last L- litter, December 5 2014, for the 1st time and it was for them an adventure.
See also on the Website under the Hunting Section and then to the story of 2015.
It was also the Celebration on August 1, from the First A-Litter, 11 years , of the Kennel Van Achter De Duinen.
After the week-end from France, the females from the L- Litter are heat in succession for the first time.
Noble Eshe – Baraka has obtained already a KNJV, B- Certificate, Hanneke and Matthias continue with her and would like to do the MAP.
Also Ivar Birko Van Achter De Duinen (Jarko) has obtained in the month of September several KNJV , B – Certificates.
Haley her eyes are mirrored EVCO and approved, it is now waiting for the moment when Haley is in heat, because then we can go with her to her lover to let her breed and we get again puppies early in the Year 2016.