4st Quarter 2015

4nd Quarter 2015

On October 11, we received the news from France that the ancestor of our kennel Romulus La Foret des Seigneurs
is deceased at the age from 15.5 years.

His sister Rhea who also lives at Alain is still alive and is still active.

The K-Nid was on October 17 again two years.

We are Brikla and Haley invited on November 2 to go along with the D-Nid from Ben’s Vriend,
who had organized a beach walk where Grandma Brikla and Papa Eischoll were present.

From November 6th we went with Haley to the Veterinary to accompany for the breed.

November 9 for the second time to the veterinarian and November 11 again.

Than they told us that Haley was deckripe and we could drive at the Czech Republic to let breed Haley
through Cirk .

There arrived they found each other again immediately nice and could start the game, Haley was easily
to breed and the next morning we repeated the whole game again.

And then it becomes to wait, because a month later, you only know it 100% sure.

December 21 we have Brikla castrated, I’m normally an opponent for castration/sterilization, but Brikla
had always burden of a hard large vulva, to prevent it that it will malicious we decided to let her help,
there she has come through out very well.