4nd Quarter 2016

4rd QUARTER 2016.
This is a quarter with sadness and joy.
Oct 2. We have with 35 dogs bred by us in Kennel Van Achter De Duinen and their 55 owners made a beach walk. This was a enormous success and perhaps worth repeating.

Oct 4. Delightfully 3 weeks on holiday with Brikla and Haley at Cornwall / Pendeen in England in the house of Andrea and Michel den Bakker.

Nov 1. Louis has started to train with Haley by Dog Support.

Nov 4. Balou (from the B-Litter) unfortunately have to fall in sleep quietly.

Nov 5/6. With Brikla, Haley and Pippa (L-litter) participated in the dog show in Bleiswijk. There Brikla has performed to be Dutch Veteran Champion 2016.

10 nov. Pippa (from the L-Litter) for the first time on pheasant hunting.

17 nov. Ziva (from the L-Nest) on holiday in the Czech Republic.

21 nov. Brikla operated on tumors of the mammary glands and Louis stay at home with her.

21 nov. With Haley to drove for to breed at Adar to the Czech Republic, Pippa (L-Litter) and Sylvia Antwerp go cosily with us.

Dec 1. Bram (from the B-Litter) they had to euthanize.

Dec 10. Pippa (from L-Litter) beeing in the Amsterdam Winner Dog show the 1st in Youth with a Classification and Excellent and has therefore the title of Youth Winster 2016.

17 Dec. With pain in our hearts we had to euthanize Brikla (see Memoriam)

Dec 27. Finally good news, Haley is pregnant and gets around January 23, 2017 puppies from Adar Od Nezdrevokeho Rybníka – CZ, still good news at the end of this year.