2nd Quarter 2018

2TH QUARTER 2018-06-27

April 2
The last pups from the O. litter are to their new owners.
Ziva stay for a week by Roel and Adri v / d Meer and sister Laika.

April 5
F.litter already 7 years.

April 8
Doris from the D.nest has a lot of fun on the beach.

April 9
Ziva finally returns home.

April 10
On holiday to Cornwall, arrived at the boat Ziva is not gone, because her rabies vaccination has expired. In panic called Wim and Wivine Delameilleure who live about an hour from Duinkerken or Ziva was allowed to come with them and by her sister Heike. It was not a problem. In the end Ziva has had a great time and we are Wim and Wivine very grateful, amazing.

April 15
H.nest is 6 years old.

April 21
Carolien and Joke and the dog Juno from the N.nest removed at Ratum. They bought a farm there with a guesthouse where people can stay overnight on appointment. Address www.gastenhuishetgoedeleven.nl

May 3
All dogs from the O.nest have had their vaccination of 9 weeks.

May 6
Noble Eischoll from the E.nest has been chosen as the most beautiful dog from the whole Westland. Pippa from the M.nest has become the 3rd in the Netherlands the escape room.

May 13
Beike from B.nest is very happy with her old age by her daughter Dolly from the I.nest by the Fam. v/d Zalm.

June 5
G.nest 7 years old.

1 till 9 June
All pedigrees of the O.nest are brought in person, what a beautiful dogs, but naughty, but also very sweet.

June 10
Noble Eefke was staying by Adri and Roel v / d Meer and sister Laika.

June 18
From Ziva is made an ultrasound to see if she is pregnant, several puppies have been seen. The puppies will be born around July 20th.

June 22
Irsa from the N.nest has achieved her 1st B. diploma.

June 25
Noble Eefke and Noble Marley are on holiday in Scotland and England.

This was the last quarter for me as owner of the Kennel van Achter de Duinen that I make for everyone.
The Kennel is taken over by Sylvia van Antwerpen, because my body says it has been enough,
by the way the age (70 years) will also play a role. The youth can take it over.
I have every confidence in Sylvia that she will continue on the same footing.
The past 2 years she has been walking in the Kennel and has learned a lot, now she is allowed to do it herself.
Of course I am always available for her.
I want to thank everyone who has had faith in me and the Kennel.


P.S. There will be come an invitation for all the puppy owners for a shared beach walk.

1nd Quarter 2018

The new year is for the Fam. Van Bloois did not start well, they had to put Mylord Milo to sleep in, because he could no longer be trusted and a brain tumor had R.I.P.
The hips are checked by Lady Ziva and she has HD. A. Norberg value 40 cannot be better. We also had tested her eyes ECVO and they were also found to be good.
Now we have found a beautiful husband for her who also has H.D. A the same Norberg value.
The wait now is when Ziva is in heat and she can also get puppies.

January 12, M.-Nest became 2 years old.
January 17th echo of the coming O. Litter there are 10 counted ..
21 January The N- Nest is 1 year old.
Sylvia van Antwerpen (she will soon take over the kennel) trains every Wednesday with Pippa and Ziva at Dogsupport.
Slowly there is improvement at Ziva, but she still has a lot to learn.
Together with the pregnant Haley is not going well anymore, the solution is that Ziva will stay by Sylvia

7 February 10 puppies born O-Nest, 8 females and 2 males.1 bitch has a hard time.
O-Nest is again given a noble title for the call name OBI = Nigerian for Majesty and Prince.
February 11, the one bitch a pity did not make it.
Ziva is having a good time with her sister Pippa and big brother Eischoll.

March 3rd C-Nest 11 years old.
March 4 E-Nest 8 years old.
March 22 Haley get away from her pups and get some fresh air on the beach with Louis.
March 27th Liane Eekman, judge, comes to do the puppy test, it appears again that all new owners get their first choice.
The Fam. Van Bloois gets a new puppy / male Obi Odie.
Sylvia van Antwerpen also gets a female puppy and her name is Obi Fina this puppy will soon continue the kennel Van Achter De Duinen with Sylvia.
March 28 The chipper comes and the veterinarian Fleur Sonneveld of De Zwarte Zee comes to check the pups again and check the dogs passports.
From the 29th of March that is Good Friday the first pups go at nthe new owners are not all together but 2 to 2 at the same time.

After this Nico Dekker will adjust the website again with all the beautiful pictures of the O-Litter
which Sylvia van Antwerpen has made of the puppies, thanks Sylvia you are a Whopper / Topper.

4nd Quarter 2017

The last quarter of 2017 a lot has happened.

Oct.1 Were all dogs from the kennel invited to attend the reunion in Zeeland-NL from the kennel Von Beer’s Freunde, because all dogs are also descendants of our tribe mother Yske and this was a Von Beer’s Freunde dog.
Oct.5 We have picked up Ziva (3 years) from the L-litter, because she could no longer stay with her female boss, because they had too little time for her.
Oct.7 Our regular guest, Lobke, was picked up again after a 12 day stay. Then we drove to the Vet with Haley and Ziva, have checked Ziva completely and at the same time let worming Haley and Ziva , because they both went with us to Cornwall (England) for a holiday of several weeks.
Oct.17 The K-litter has become 4 years old. Beike from the B-litter has finally found a very good new home by the fam. v/d Zalm, who have a daughter from Beike, Dolly from the L-litter. All two dogs have an enormously to their liking.

Nov.13 Back from Cornwall-Uk and now wait until Haley is in heat to be covered for the last time again by Adar in the Czech Republic.
Nov.16 Noble Eischoll from the E-litter was replaced by Johan van Antwerpen five years ago. He can regularly go hunting and occasionally cover a bitch.

Dec.1 The new Heidewachtel book has been released, there are a number of pictures of our dogs, such as Zoef from the N-litter and Pippa from the M-litter.
Dec 5 The L-litter has become 3 years old today and finally mature. Ziva can stay with us permanently, it’s going great between Haley and Ziva..
Dec.9 Snow in the Netherlands all dogs love it, only we have to go to the Czech Republic with Haley and Ziva, because Haley has to be covered
Dec.14 I’m sure Haley is pregnant and we expect puppies from Haley and Adar around February 12, 2018.
28/29 dec.Noble Eischoll E- litter has again covered a bitch.

We wish everyone a healthy, prosperous and dog-pleasing year 2018.

3nd Quarter 2017

3rd quarter 2017.

We have visited all puppies from the N-nest.The pedigrees and the like were delivered. .
All the puppies are doing it very well, on the trainings and also the character cannot be better,
the look is like I had imagined and hoped. The pictures of the N-nest from birth to a half-year-old can be seen in the pictures section litters of this website.
Because we are so satisfied with the combination of Haley -NL and Adar – CZ,
we will repeat this in December 2017.
We work with a waiting list and it is already growing.
So if you are interested, please contact us quickly.

Pippa M-nest and Bliss has succeeded the base of the fieldwork,
which means that they have priority over the Orweja fieldwork contest.
She has participated in 3 field matches.
The match in Dirksland -NL did them the best.

Nala from the N-nest stayed here for a few weeks, because her bosses were on holiday to South Africa.
Several dogs from our kennel have been on holiday with their owners, to Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Austria and France.

Pippa M-nest and Haley have been visiting with Sylvia and Ineke to Pendeen (Cornwall) UK at Andrea den Bakker with the dogs Dante D-nest and Macey M-nest for “a Women’s Week”

Haley had participated 3 times in an Orweja fieldwork and has run perfectly, but arrived at last at a hare,
so no qualification.

2nd Quarter 2017

April 1st. Field match where participated Haley and Pippa, they did it super, but there was no wild.
All puppies from the N. nest have flown out, many have already been acquainted with the water (swimming ?)

April 5th. F. Nest has become 6 years.

April 10. Nest evaluation in Hoenderloo from D. nest Ben’s Vriend D, where Noble Eischoll Van Achter de Duinen the father is.
Also the nest evaluation of our M. nest also in Hoenderloo, where from the 10 pups were present 8 pups, also were 8 puppies from the N nest come and watch .
We received from judge Gerard Mensink a very good report.

April 13th. The H. nest has become 5 years. Haley and Pippa have been to the beach with Sylvia van Antwerpen.
Ziva from the L. nest is often seen on the Zeeland beach.

May. We have been to Cornwall (England) for a few weeks with Haley.
With all the dogs from our nests it’s all right.
We have regular contact with almost everyone.

Half May and June were hot days, all the dogs enjoyed playing in the water in a variety of ways, but the trainings just went on.

June 30th . We have started visiting all the puppies from the N. nest, among to bring the pedigree and other things, with of course a gift for the dogs and the owners.

1nd Quarter 2017

January 1 the D-Litter has become 8 years.

Haley is really pregnant.

January 4 visited by Liane Eekman-Lampio from Kennel von Beer’s Freunde to hug the children of our Noble Eischoll of Behind the Dunes.
January 4 at Liane Eekman-Lampio Kennel von Beer’s Freunde came by to hug the offspring from our Noble Eischoll van Achter de Duinen.

January 12 has became the M-Litter 1 year.

January 16 the last inspection of Haley + Herpes injection in the Animal Clinic – De Zwarte Zee in Maassluis-NL.

January 21 are born 6 females and 4 males from Haley and Adar.

The month of February is the month of visit from all the new puppy owners so they have all the time to make a choice

March 3 the C-Litter has become 10 years.

March 4, the B-Litter is 11 years old today and the E-Litter 7 years.
Friday, March 4, we have been traditionally with all the puppies at the week market in ‘s-Gravenzande for socialization.

March 12 photo shoot made on from the puppies, this tim on the beach of Hoek van Holland / annex North Sea .

March 21 All puppies are to their new owners.

March 29 Louis has started again to train with Haley at DogSupport.

** Sylvia van Antwerpen owner from Pippa and Eischoll thanks you very much
for all taken wonderful photo sessions very much appreciated, pictures to
see N-Nest in the website www.vanachterdeduinen.nl .

4nd Quarter 2016

4rd QUARTER 2016.
This is a quarter with sadness and joy.
Oct 2. We have with 35 dogs bred by us in Kennel Van Achter De Duinen and their 55 owners made a beach walk. This was a enormous success and perhaps worth repeating.

Oct 4. Delightfully 3 weeks on holiday with Brikla and Haley at Cornwall / Pendeen in England in the house of Andrea and Michel den Bakker.

Nov 1. Louis has started to train with Haley by Dog Support.

Nov 4. Balou (from the B-Litter) unfortunately have to fall in sleep quietly.

Nov 5/6. With Brikla, Haley and Pippa (L-litter) participated in the dog show in Bleiswijk. There Brikla has performed to be Dutch Veteran Champion 2016.

10 nov. Pippa (from the L-Litter) for the first time on pheasant hunting.

17 nov. Ziva (from the L-Nest) on holiday in the Czech Republic.

21 nov. Brikla operated on tumors of the mammary glands and Louis stay at home with her.

21 nov. With Haley to drove for to breed at Adar to the Czech Republic, Pippa (L-Litter) and Sylvia Antwerp go cosily with us.

Dec 1. Bram (from the B-Litter) they had to euthanize.

Dec 10. Pippa (from L-Litter) beeing in the Amsterdam Winner Dog show the 1st in Youth with a Classification and Excellent and has therefore the title of Youth Winster 2016.

17 Dec. With pain in our hearts we had to euthanize Brikla (see Memoriam)

Dec 27. Finally good news, Haley is pregnant and gets around January 23, 2017 puppies from Adar Od Nezdrevokeho Rybníka – CZ, still good news at the end of this year.

3nd Quarter 2016

3rd QUARTER 2016.

On 2 July Mylady Macey from the M- Nest has become 1st in the examination of the puppy training.
July 10 has been Mylady Pippa for the first time on men-lesson with the owners Johan and Manouk van Antwerpen.

End of July Kalle from the K-Nest staying a few days with us.

August was dominated by the 10th anniversary of the “Club Hollandaise.”
The first weekend of August we we had been with 30 People, 17 Heidewachtels and
1 German Shorthair Stander for the 10th time in France (Loire Region – Cattenom) to train with our dogs fieldwork.
Organized by us and Alain & Annick Ehrminger.
Alain had for this special occasion 7 professional trainers arranged for us so that everyone got adequate attention.
The report by some of the participants can be found on the website under the section Hunting and then France 2016.

In August and September have had a few van Achter the Duintjes ringtraining, because they have signed up for a dog show.
3 September 5 dogs from our kennel have participated in the Dogshow from Rotterdam in Ahoy.
The result of two females Mylady Macey and Mylady Pippa in the puppyclass is promising and the male MyLord Nero in
the puppyclass a promising an exercise with a note to practice more ring- training.
Female Lady Laika got in open class a Very Good and Brikla Baronne in the Veteran Class an Excellent + reserve CAC.
and one point for the Veterans Championship.

Hertogin Haley has this year received 6 invitations for a field trial, after she had done two races without success,
we decided to nevertheless equally take a crash course by Alain in France to teach her some Steadiness/Arret.
We have trained two days and then go home.

Haley find the field matches the best to do and she does it very well, she flanked very nicely through the fields,
this is the commentary of the judges.
But unfortunately there is little wild, lots of hares, even the four matches Haley has made none results after the crash course,
chose 2 x times the hares path.

On September 24 Jimmy (Karst) has achieved from the K-Nest a K.N.J.V. B. certificate, Congratulations.

2nd Quarter 2016

2nd QUARTER 2016.
All puppies from M. Nest (Haley) have learned to swim.
F. Nest has become already 5 years and H. Nest 4 years.
Hunt Training from Pixel L. Nest has longer the better.
April was also the Nest evaluation from the L. Nest (Haley) which is organized by the Heidewachtel association.
There are also come to see the owners of the puppies from the last Nest M. (Haley), because they are the
next time on the turn of in 2017.
Caspar from last M. Nest has a new owner and is very happy also with his big cousin Benthe.

In May we made with Janneke Zwiers and Eefke from the E. Nest a nice Beachwalk, of course there were also
together with Brikla and Haley.
We have also brought in May at the owners all the pedigrees (M. Nest), it was a wonderful meeting with
the puppies,which make all good.
We also had a reunion from progeny derived from Eischoll – E. Nest with Benthe from Bens Friend.
Of course Granny Brikla was also present, with all we make a lovely beachwalk, Haley could not join unfortunately,
because she was in heat.
May 29 are participated from the M. Nest Pippa and Nero in the Clubmatch of Belgium ,where they were both reviewed
as promising by Judge Mr. Wellens, this was a great experience for the puppies of 4 1/2 months.

In June we are been for the first time on holiday since 10 years with the dogs Brikla and Haley.
We were allowed of Andrea and Michael den Bakker, they have now two dogs from the D. Nest Dante and Macey from
the M. Nest, using their small Fishing Cottage in Pendeen- Cornwall, England.
We are sailed with the Stena Line ferry from the Hoek van Holland at England, the dogs have slept in the car
and the next day we have drove about 700 km to Pendeen.
Cornwall has been a paradise for the dogs and we were rested at home and was for all an amazing relaxing holiday.

1st Quarter 2016

1st QUARTER 2016.

The year has started with sad decease of our friend and fellow breeder Friedo Wiertz. He tried to stay with us as long as possible and to see born the puppies from Haley, but it was not to be. R.I.P.

On January 12, 2016 Haley has 10 beautiful healthy puppies put on the world, 6 males and 4 females.
All puppies were right for a new owner who can follow everything via Skype webcam.
After 14 days, the new owners were allowed to look at the puppies, everyone naturally turn.
It is intended that they as often as they want come to look and then they have the next few weeks to decide which is their is 1st choice and the 2nd choice and on the 7th week come the judge Liane Eekman-Lampio to do a character test.
Which of the two choices fits the best in the family, which one gets over.
All puppies are at the new owners, the messages which we get it goes all well.
They all go on puppy / hunting training.

On March 14, we received the sad news that Abel of Yske from Van Achter De Duinen from the first litter put to sleep, we wish Jan and Liet much strength.

On March 15, we received a request from the owner of Furst Pebbels Van Achter De Duinen if I knew someone who could bring Pebbels on March 26 for placing at the performance test of the association.
I thought immediately on Brigitte Dekker who used our Yske also trained completely and everything has achieved with her.
It was a real challenge in 14 days to time get so far as a male of almost 5 years he wanted to do everything with a lot of fun for Brigitte.
In total had Brigitte 2x 3 days Pebbels had at her home and we have trained with him.

With a good cheer we drove on March 26 to Hulshorst where we were not alone, there were 13 females and 11 males who came for the performance test ,in the morning was the exterior appraisal and in the afternoon the real thing where we had trained .

Pebbels us not disappoint, he did everything with passion and work will plus that he has a great character we are very happy that once again a male comes on the breedlist from
the association .
Pebbels succeeded with brilliance .

Thanks Brigitte for your efforts.