France 2015

“Mon Belle Fille”
Report of “Club Hollandaise 2015″ in hotel ”De La Canner” Kedange – La France . We are went this year for the first time to the long weekend with the hunting training of Alain and his team in the North of France. With us it was our puppy Lady Djena of the last L- Nest of Louis and Ineke. Along with us there were still three other puppies with their owners from the same litter along to training beside next 8 older dogs and their owners in total 23 participants and 12 dogs. On Friday we drove ease to France with Djena in the back seat in a waist belt. We stopped en route two times to let her out. She behaved perfectly for the first time so long in the car. Not once wheezed and lie sleep well !!! Arriving in Kedange was Louis waiting for us and gave us our room key. After the bench to set up in the room and we have installed it in our room were meanwhile Duncan and Sylvana Pixel also arrived. Djena played with Pixel and her mother and grandmother ! In the evening we have first drink (wine) and acquainted with all part numbers and after ate and drink (wine) in the hotel under the direction of Aart. After the older dogs may the puppies and go the older dogs somewhere else. The dove is now tied to a long rope and hidden in the field. Djena is as second turn and doing it fantastic ! Alain is very happy with the performance of Djena and calls Djena ” Mon Belle Fille “. It is a unique experience to see your dog stand for so beautiful together with the dog whisperer Alain. After the lunch (wine) are on the in the grounds of Alain allowed to hunt a partridge in the afternoon. After the dove Djena was unstoppable and stood as a spear for the partridge ! So beautiful straight, front leg up and the tail straight back ! Alain was delighted and I very proud, “Mon Belle Fille” was perfect. Finally the water work. Djena jumped into the water to retrieve the duck alone she would not take the duck out of the water and began to gnaw at the duck. In the evening we have enjoyed a delicious (wine) buffet in the hotel and much parroted. On Sunday, the same ritual this time the pigeon sat for us also in cage with remote control. Djena understood the game immediately and came quickly to stand for. Then became excited and was able to get open the locker and went behind the dove to the bushes and kept looking for the dove. The second exercise was a partridge hidden in the far field and the puppies had to start searching the entire field. This was still pretty hard by the little wind. Yet Djena knew where to find quickly the partridge with the stronger scent. Alain remained whisper “Mon Belle Fille” against Djena. After the fieldwork again the waterworks. Unfortunately Bernard don’t remember what had happened the day before and let retreiving Djena again the duck. Djena saw her chance and took the duck directly from the water and disappeared with the duck in the reeds and sit eat the duck 10 minutes to frustrating of the owner ! After the morning training we have consumed in the afternoon a nice BBQ with wine taken care of by Alain and we are at the end of the afternoon, tired and satisfied to go back to the hotel for the last night All in all a fantastic experience with “Mon Belle Fille” Lady Djena.

Jan and Antoinetta Schutrups