France 2016

Hunting in the fields of Cattenom – La France – Week-end 6-7 August 2016
“Club Hollandaise”

Now, 10 years later, we still ‘hunt’, at the invitation of Louis and Ineke Frequin from Kennel Van Achter De Duinen in the fields of Cattenom in France’s La Lorraine.
A anniversaire, with young, and (un) experienced dogs Heidewachtels 18, and 1 German Pointer Dogenthusiastic hunters, a total of 30 persons.
The host Alain Ehrminger and his wife Annick, received us, as always, very welcoming.
They had this jubilee hired more trainers so that all the young, less experienced and senior dogs could well come into their own.
After 2 days have worked intensively we could look back on an educational hunting training, an amazingly beautiful,
sunny and top culinary weekend defined by our charming Brigitte Dekker with her two sweet Goldens.
A weekend with unparalleled warm social meetings between French and Dutch lovers of hunting dogs,
but above all with a (proud) back at our dogs, who had shown their hunting abilities … ..
Friday, August 5, around 17:00, we met all the guests from the kennel “Van Achter De Duinen “.
Louis and Ineke Frequin welcomed everyone warmly in “Hotel Canner”.
In particular, their 7-month-old puppies, Bliss, Miró and Pippa; unfortunately Nero had fallen ill.
Grandma Brikla Baronnes  Van Achter De Duinen 10 years old and Mother Haley Duchess of Van Achter De Duinen were there too.
We were all very curious to the “hunting instinct of our 19 dogs.

What more than a very special event for this 10th jubilee to celebrate and be able with you .
A very close group, where I felt immediately welcome, where everyone can be who he / he is the one exuberant,
others more modest, but where especially with an enormous pleasure working with your dog, respect each other,
it has impressed me enormous .

Merci, Ineke and Louis, Alain and Annick,” Club Hollandaise ”, trainers, helpers, it was really Magnifique!

Footzi, Jip and Brigitte Dekker

A few brief to look back:

“She was no longer focused on us”;
“From the kennel Van Achter De Duinen you can not just have a Heidewachtel”;
“Such hunting training for dogs you can find nowhere”;
“A close group, with respect for each other”;
“The passion splashes from”;
“On the field of arthritis are nothing to fault”;
“Prouder you are still not on your hunting dog”;

We enjoyed the dogs and the great training they received. Also, we have spent a very nice time with all the owners, a really nice weekend.
Friday arrival, greet and meet and evening meal at the restaurant, to bed and alarm clock at five thirty, really I’ve never done before on a vacation.
Saturday morning, after a French fifteen minutes, it was the day we went to the field.
What humps and hollows we had to struggle on the road, but once on the field it went so really begin.
When Laika was on the turn Alain took her a long line and spoke softly to her in French, and of course incredible.
She looked no longer at us but was totally focused on him, so they went through the field until they smelled something and stopped.

Then he let loose a partridge by pressing the button and laika jump and wanted at the back; later he did the same also with a dove.
Likewise Alain trained all young dogs and he was very satisfied with how they did it.
A word from him did so well with the dogs that I also occasionally use, I think everyone knows what word is phonetically is I say “doezemah “(though you may laugh) …
After a short but good night’s sleep, the same ritual Sunday as the day before, only there appeared to be even rougher sand and mud paths.
Laika has that day let see her best to pick up a (dead) duck out of water and at my command to swim in the direction that I indicated.
After this training, where again was detected a partridge, we went back to the field of Alain.
As completion we got from our French friends extremely convivial very nice B.B.Q.
For the first time in my life wild boar, whatever actually fits into the country of Obelix.
Frankly, we’re a few days been quite still tired of all the experiences, but we had wanted to miss for anything.
Our great thanks go definitely to Ineke and Louis and to Alain and his team.

Roel and Adri v / d Meer

Attends, go, down, doucement, chchchtttttt, Oh, c’est un bon chien et bravo …… “!!!!!
So it sounded on the French fields outside Cattenom on the hunting grounds by Alain.
Our puppy Miró ( “poepie” according to Alain) fell with his nose in the pigeon, partridge and duck,
and we fell in an overpowering anniversary celebration with our noses in a super dinner, a BBQ and delicious cake!
As a layman and began with hearts full of passion, thanks to all for the fieldwork, we departed.
We know for sure, from the kennel Van Achter De Duinen, you get not just any Heidewachtel, we suddenly get a lot of  lot of “Friends” with it !!
It is now waiting we would participate again next year! “

Rob and Ingrid Warringa

It was for us and Heike again of the 3rd time again a weekend full enjoy “pur sang”.
As well the dogs, owners and trainers fully enjoyed in the sunny Cattenom and it gave us a nice reunion with many friends.
Such hunting training for dogs you’ll find nowhere.
Congratulations to Ineke and Louis for their anniversary year.
Many present dogs and friends are the icing on the cake for their years disinterestedly efforts !
Do it so more !

Wim and Wivine Delameilleure

For Witty and me was every year the weekend from Club hollandaise the start of the fieldwork season.
The emphasis was always for me on the work of the dogs and came the social event on the second place,
although i still have left over a very beautiful friendship at the weekends.
Looking back on the past few years, I’m very grateful for the opportunity you offered us every year to enjoy its great passion: the fieldwork.
And with that I enjoyed as well.
Unfortunately Witty is no longer there, but I have the impression that Bliss is a worthy successor.
The passion spatt there low as which Alain did say that her passion must be to lead in the right direction.
Many thanks for all the wonderful weekends and obviously Bliss and I hope to be in the coming years also back in action.”

Aart Visee

Boris is a whopper in the fieldwork. From his arthritis is on the hunting field no trace to see.
His nose is still great and he traces the hiding wild still from far (!) on. ”

“The live wild was delivered unharmed by Jeep to the hunter.
More proud of your dog you could not be !”

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Trainers, Pheasant, Water, Sociability France, 10 Years, Culinary, Hospitality, Warm, Sharing, Pigeon, Partridge, Pure, Doucement Wine.

In short: Intense Enjoy!

Dick and Marleen Varkevisser