The start

Yske – From Pup till World Champion

Yske was one of eight puppies born on September18, 2000 in Vlissingen at breeder Mrs.Liane Eekman-lampio. This litter was a combination of Int. Champion. Quimba von der Heide Dansenborger (father), and Champion Quasie Fanas Neue von Beer’s Freunde (mother). 

Four weeks after the birth, we are going to look the first time at the nest in Flushing. A litterbox filled with eight puppies, a beautiful sight all that young life. Yske had both to the side and tail a little spot.

All puppies from this litter were white with brown plate and had a brown head. After just a few weeks you can see if the pups are a ticking or white with brown. Yske would clearly be a ticking.  On this first visit, I sat down on the floor and Liane let loose puppies across the room. Yske came directly to me and she has never left me.

I was totally sold and wanted to take Yske home right away.

But four weeks too early and have yet to organize all kinds of formalities as a puppytest, chipping, etc. Additionally Liane also wanted a good look or Yske would fit as well with our family. Both puppytest as ” the vetting” of my baptism ceel were positive and soon I would be the owner of a real Heidewachtel. 

After once eight weeks we could go pick up Yske in Vlissingen. Together with a friend, we by drove car to Vlissingen to pick up Yske. After having heard what’s involved in the upbringing a puppy once we left the car in the direction of ‘s-Gravenzande.

‘s -Gravenzande is a town in Westland region and situated right behind the dunes of the North Sea beach. Here comes the kennel name from” Van Achter De Duinen”.  

At home we first cleared all dangerous things for a young pup, power cables, antenna cables, etc. Now we wait and see how everything would be develop. The first two nights I sleep in the living room at Yske, Yske in a bench and I on the couch. Everything ran perfectly until now and after two days I go back to sleep into the bedroom with my husband. Everything was under control . 

Because we understand the importance of a good upbringing, we are continued with a puppy training at Yske by Martin Gaus in Delft January 2001. There, once again showed that Yske had lots of character, learning is fun but play is much more fun. This course is completed with reasonable results. 

On September 30, 2001 we went for the first to a club match in Rhenen Yske.fnitially, we first wanted to just look at how things are going during a club match, but yes, participation is still also very nice. At that time we had with Yske no experience in the field of shows. The word ringtraining we knew only from hearsay. Thanks to some depreciation we could still participate in the youthclass.

My son would Yske for bringing and the whole family was pretty nervous. Because of my health, someone else had must for bringing Yske by the shows.

The assessment report of our first show was as follows: 

Very beautiful bitch of good proportions. Beautiful female head, good neck and backline. Good tail. Pretty appropriate bone, good angulations of the rear. Good coatstructure. Very beautifully total picture that decides on ring training needs. 

Rating: Excellent 4th. 

We were wildly enthusiastic with the result, this a taste for more. We decided to register for the Winner 2001 in Amsterdam. The result was a 4th place with rated Excellent.

Since we already knew that we wanted to breed with Yske a litter in the future the first logical step was than ring training. In order according to the regulations to breed,, the dog must be reviewed exterior two times, where the qualification should be.least “Very Good” . In that respect we all qualifying but we knew that was Yske much more could. Also a piece of hunting training was required for Yske to assess the job characteristics and herewith to come through the breed selection. In short, there was still a lot of us waiting for work. 

During a walk with Yske in ‘s-Gravenzande I came talking with another dog possessor, Brigitte Dekker. Brigitte has itself two Golden Retrievers that she has run through several trainings at both the show and hunting fields. Brigitte spontaneously offered to go running the shows with Yske, for me, something I appreciated very much. With good spirits Brigitte went to work, not only ring training but every Saturday morning hunting training, we were still not there … 

The first show with Brigitte Yske would for bringing would be in Eindhoven on February 3, 2002. The run went well, until the moment Yske saw me.standing with a videocamera on the edge of the ring . Yske did nothing good for this show was clearly over. However, we had again drawn out a wise lesson. While the for bringing Yske could not see me clearly. The final result of this show was not super, 2nd with rated Very Good. Brigitte that was more or less a disappointment, all hitherto comforted effort had not yet led to a result that was be better. 

The next exhibition was Zuidlaren on March 3, 2002. Since it went a lot better and was Yske 1st resulting Very Good. 

On March 16, the next exhibition in Roosendaal, it now began to seem that Yske understood what the meaning was. She came into the ring with an attitude of “Come on You “. She walked the Stars of heaven, and the result was also, 1st Excellent res. CAC / res. CACIB. 

On May 25, 2002 we had a club match, there was Yske 4th resulting Very Good. 

July 7, 2002 was a very special day, we would take part in the World Winner in Amsterdam. This was the most important race in 2002 because it is once again held in the Netherlands in 17 years. The ancestress of Yske Von Beer’s Freunde Sissi, was 17 years ago has become a World Champion. An enormous challenge so to participate with Yske this competition. To our great surprise Yske was in Amsterdam with rated 1st Excellent CAC / CACIB plus BOB (Best of Breed) 

So- World Champion !