It is not figuring out a male dog, there is anything more needed.

Firstly, you should do a test with your bitch for Hunting, Obedience and Extérieur with a good result to be allowed to breed conformity with the requirements of the Dutch Heidewachtel Association. Then it is necessary to make HD photos of your bitch or dog male and finally for the association you should mirroring the eyes with the EVCO norms affiliated by the EVCO veterinarians.

We actually want something more,that you let the dog take part in a field trial, KNJV tests into the Netherlands or field trials Abroad.

This will not always be successful but you must have the intention to go on Hunting training with your dog to get the Hunting instinct under control.

Then it’s time to search a male dog pick in our country or abroad. First you look at the photo’s which are made available to the construction of the male dog. After that follows the contact with the owners of the Stud Dogs to ask all the existing Documents of the Dog Shows, Hunting Performance, HD, EVCO Eye test and the Pedigree from the Stud Dog to search out yourself.