France 2011

Cattenom, Lorraine, France, 5 till 7August, 2011
5-year anniversary 2006-2011 Club Hollandaise In Cattenom.

We are with a group of 10 Heidewachtels, a Frisian Stabijtje and a German Shorthaired Jeep ridden for the 5th time to France, there to be followed a stand for course by Alain and Annick Ehrminger. From the 10 Heidewachtels there was 1 puppy from Beike last litter with Gamin. She was at that time nine weeks old and they did not under for the older dogs.

The train was on the field and in the water with live wild; that alone is an whole experience for our dogs. We started mornings at 9 a.m. with a speech of Alain and the distribution of new dogs and more proficient dogs in groups. There were outside Alain three trainers present; two for the water works and two for the fieldwork

At 13.00 we all went to the restaurant for a delicious French lunch, then back to the field to 17:00 p.m.. Just refreshed ourselves in the hotel or campsite and then at the festive B.B.Q to the lake of Alain and Annick. Since everything was in readiness for a festive gathering with a pig on a spit and foie gras on the B.B.Q. For vegetarian people had Alain and Annick fish and shrimp on the B.B.Q.

The next day was the morning again for training the dogs and at noon again B.B.Q. and aparty ,because it was Annick’s birthday. We had a whole big bunch of flowers and a small gift brought her and we have been offered it singing. The afternoon was a demonstration of the dogs from Alain with Romulus and Cybel, which showed us where our dogs are actually meant for.

All in all a very successful weekend with our dogs, the invitation for next year is already there again, we still hope it will be bit better weather.