France 2012

Cattenom, Lorraine, France, 11 and August , 2012

We the kennel Van Achter De Duinen with 26 participants and 16 dogs, 15 of which Heidewachtels and one German Stand Jeep, we went to France for the 6th time for fieldwork.

There were 15 Heidewachtels five puppies from the last litter of Brikla together with Argo. I was with the pup because I have a puppy from this combination. What I enjoyed the work that these puppies were doing at the age of 4 months; stand on a pigeon, the first day learning the long line and then go hunting for the next day (see the video I made of the puppies). Also, learning to swim and fetch a live duck, because as a hunter, you know very well that not every duck you shoot is completely dead, so they must learn to bring them live back. Here you will notice that they have really good genes received it from their parents Brikla and Argo ancestors, such as Yske and Romulus.

Here it’s all about if you’re going to breed with a Heidewachtel with good passion for hunting. Therefore, I look back with satisfaction on this wonderful weekend with all people and dogs. We will continue this again next year and then the puppies now move on to the next class, which were now the other dogs involved. Everything is now learned they never forget.