France 2013

2013 Chasse weekend 9-11 August 2013 – in Cattenom / La France
“Club Amis Hollandaise”

Again for de7e? times now anyway traditionally Hounds Hunting -Work training with Field-& Water Work for Pointing Dogs -10 Heidewachtels and 1 German Stand dog Jeep , this year with 18 participants and 11 dogs.
It is held in the quiet green natural setting – Lorraine / Moselle.Practically all participating dogs are born in our kennel Van Achter De Duinen, so from puppy to adult dog and that makes this training so unique and so are the dogs band attaches , also to the participants
Among the highly professional leadership of the French trainer Alain Ehrminger and his Training Team: Eric Pecqueur, Bernard Clerc, Gino Sollevanti (Guillaume Moreau absent this year) and Alfonso Roupert materials caregiver and Annick & Alain Ehrminger (Organization) are all also active Hunters, so their transferring experience on our dogs, but especially the coaches (we as a participant).

Particularly to mention our dogs mean good French Language, not all Owners know, but that makes our Merel (our Dog Interpreter).
In addition to the two-day fun with the dog Training, our French Friends Annick & Alain with their French charm care of Fun in the Belly with their specific French Culinary Delicacies and most important the pleasure of Friendship with all Participants, so one word “ CHAPEAU ”.

We have a photo collage composed from Training , Eat festival & Friendship and Sociability Communication, so you get an impression.

Organizing Team “Club Hollandaise” Ineke & Louis NL , Annick & Alain FR