France 2014

Kenzo and his bosses Bart and Gerrit went this year for the first time to the training weekend in France. Exciting because Kenzo was only 9 months old and had never really been in contact with Animals Wilslife. A good time to develop in France. Hunting instinct once His bosses had themselves also surprise and without any prior knowledge we imagined ourselves in the adventure of Alain, Cattenom and other Heidewachtels …. And with success!

The 1st day of training in first wonderfully romp with the other dogs in the field and then on to the real work …. A pigeon tracking on the other side of the field. Together with Alain we walked with Kenzo across the field. Kenzo his nose in the wind and zig zagging all sides towards the small cage. And yes, after a few minutes we are there !! Stick tiff he stand a few meters away. Alain runs to him and attaching him.

Doucement … ssssssst … doucement … ssssssst says Alain stroking Kenzo over his back. The tranquility of Alain feels good for Kenzo and he listens and stops completely silent. So beautiful to see! Then … the small cage will open and the dove flies off, Kenzo would be only too happy to behind … that is not allowed . Back to the car, the trial is over. Now look at the other dogs that have done it many times before in their dog life! All hyper Kenzo walked back to the car … he would like to go again !!
We also do the same test with a pheasant that morning too, that he found very interesting. And Alain is proud on Kenzo, so young, but he has potential to be a good, balanced hunting dog too! Well passionate, but quite. A nice compliment!

After a delicious lunch that was created by Annick we are against it again on this beautiful summer and warm day. In the afternoon we go for the water work. Retrieving a dead duck from out the water. That was hard for Kenzo. Never he had a duck in its mouth up and then also to bring him back! Eventually after much doubt he picked up the duck (looked a bit dirty at) at the end of the wing and take it with at me to the side … and plop, he let him fall directly. For a bit of exercise we can do so for the KNVJ trials .

Day 2 is a repeat of day 1, but you see that Kenzo already had more experiences and he gets again the compliments of Alain.

We ended the training with a delicious BBQ. The wine flows, the meat goes in like hot cakes and the dogs were knocked out on the grass …. Totally satisfied!

It was a fantastic and memorable weekend. Both Kenzo as the bosses have learned much of Alain and all the other dogs and bosses .
And of course we all together can never do it without the wonderful organization of Louis and Ineke, Alain and Annick !! Thanks for that.

Hope to see you again next year!

Kenzo, Bart and Gerrit