Who we are

Ineke Frequin

I am Ineke Frequin Jordaan, and married with Louis Frequin, together we have 4 children. All of our children are living on their own and so nowadays there’s the two of us.

ineke_grtWhen I was 13 years old, I was working as a housekeeper for Prof. Dr. Z.Y. van der Meer and his wife. Here I had my first encounter with a Heidewachtel (Small Munsterlander Pointer) with the name Asta. She was a bit older, but she went regularly hunting with her boss. I was very attached to Asta and later on I regularly caught myself thinking about her.

When my husband regularly stayed in foreign countries for a long time to do volunteer work, I considered getting a dog and I always thought of this Heidewachtel from my past. When I started looking up information about this breed on the internet, I fell in love with it all over again. I got more and more convinced that this was the breed for me.

ineke2_grtI contacted Liane Eekman and got a puppy of one of her litters. She told me that the name of the puppy should start with an Y, and I immediately thought of my old employer Z.Y. v.d. Meer. The Y stood for Yske, so I honored the past by calling my dog Yske.

When my husband is away, I take Yske to the beach and she truly loves this. She is very intelligent and loving, she loves to sit on my lap at night and get a lot of cuddles. She really became my buddy. One of the puppies of the second litter of Yske stayed with us. Her name is Brikla and she is brown/white.Yske_en_Brikla






With Brikla Louis has done the training, it is really his dog, she follows him everywhere.
In the first instance we were made ​​from the litter a different choice, but on the advice of the judge  which made a a puppy test with seven weeks has become  Brikla
We knew very quickly that Brikla is a real dog that would work for you and not a show dog, of course we also run a show and has achieved an Excellent , then we have done her hips and eyes , so we could go with her breeding.

Brikla has had 4 litters, second time she is breed by Birko, 1 time by Archibeau and 1 time by Argo.
From the last litter we kept a puppy and that has become our Haley.

The name Haley ( Comet ) we have given her, because it is a very fast aunt who is again very much like to do fieldwork.

We hope to breed with her  end 2014 the first litter.

Ineke Frequin-Jordaan