2nd Quarter 2014.

The past quarter have not been much particulars.

 On April 19 2014, was organized the last Youth Field Trial by the Dutch Association ” Long Hair” in Ijzerdijke , the Province Zeeland NL. Louis has receiving an honorable mention with Haley.

 11 May 2014,was the annual show of the “Dutch Heidewachtel Association” in Hoenderloo, the Provincie Gelderland NL. We had inscribed our two dogs, Brikla in the Veteran Class and Haley in the Breeders Class, both hey have got an Excellent.

 This quarter Fürst Cas Van Achter De Duinen got new owners, Cas has already been on holiday, the owners and Cas like it very well together .The appointment is that they go with us to our annual training for fieldwork in La France, CattenomThis year we organize it for the 8th time.

Edele Eischoll Van Achter De Duinen has become a father, there is still 1 female available.

 On 29 May 2014, Comtesse Lobke Van Achter De Duinen come and stay with us, it took some getting used to Brikla and Haley, but soon it seemed that it’s always been here.

 As a conclusion, I want to ask owners of the K. Nest, if you are so kindly to send pictures of your puppy at the age of six months, because I have no information to contact you personal.

 Thanks in advance.