2nd Quarter 2018

2TH QUARTER 2018-06-27

April 2
The last pups from the O. litter are to their new owners.
Ziva stay for a week by Roel and Adri v / d Meer and sister Laika.

April 5
F.litter already 7 years.

April 8
Doris from the D.nest has a lot of fun on the beach.

April 9
Ziva finally returns home.

April 10
On holiday to Cornwall, arrived at the boat Ziva is not gone, because her rabies vaccination has expired. In panic called Wim and Wivine Delameilleure who live about an hour from Duinkerken or Ziva was allowed to come with them and by her sister Heike. It was not a problem. In the end Ziva has had a great time and we are Wim and Wivine very grateful, amazing.

April 15
H.nest is 6 years old.

April 21
Carolien and Joke and the dog Juno from the N.nest removed at Ratum. They bought a farm there with a guesthouse where people can stay overnight on appointment. Address www.gastenhuishetgoedeleven.nl

May 3
All dogs from the O.nest have had their vaccination of 9 weeks.

May 6
Noble Eischoll from the E.nest has been chosen as the most beautiful dog from the whole Westland. Pippa from the M.nest has become the 3rd in the Netherlands the escape room.

May 13
Beike from B.nest is very happy with her old age by her daughter Dolly from the I.nest by the Fam. v/d Zalm.

June 5
G.nest 7 years old.

1 till 9 June
All pedigrees of the O.nest are brought in person, what a beautiful dogs, but naughty, but also very sweet.

June 10
Noble Eefke was staying by Adri and Roel v / d Meer and sister Laika.

June 18
From Ziva is made an ultrasound to see if she is pregnant, several puppies have been seen. The puppies will be born around July 20th.

June 22
Irsa from the N.nest has achieved her 1st B. diploma.

June 25
Noble Eefke and Noble Marley are on holiday in Scotland and England.

This was the last quarter for me as owner of the Kennel van Achter de Duinen that I make for everyone.
The Kennel is taken over by Sylvia van Antwerpen, because my body says it has been enough,
by the way the age (70 years) will also play a role. The youth can take it over.
I have every confidence in Sylvia that she will continue on the same footing.
The past 2 years she has been walking in the Kennel and has learned a lot, now she is allowed to do it herself.
Of course I am always available for her.
I want to thank everyone who has had faith in me and the Kennel.


P.S. There will be come an invitation for all the puppy owners for a shared beach walk.