3nd Quarter 2016

3rd QUARTER 2016.

On 2 July Mylady Macey from the M- Nest has become 1st in the examination of the puppy training.
July 10 has been Mylady Pippa for the first time on men-lesson with the owners Johan and Manouk van Antwerpen.

End of July Kalle from the K-Nest staying a few days with us.

August was dominated by the 10th anniversary of the “Club Hollandaise.”
The first weekend of August we we had been with 30 People, 17 Heidewachtels and
1 German Shorthair Stander for the 10th time in France (Loire Region – Cattenom) to train with our dogs fieldwork.
Organized by us and Alain & Annick Ehrminger.
Alain had for this special occasion 7 professional trainers arranged for us so that everyone got adequate attention.
The report by some of the participants can be found on the website under the section Hunting and then France 2016.

In August and September have had a few van Achter the Duintjes ringtraining, because they have signed up for a dog show.
3 September 5 dogs from our kennel have participated in the Dogshow from Rotterdam in Ahoy.
The result of two females Mylady Macey and Mylady Pippa in the puppyclass is promising and the male MyLord Nero in
the puppyclass a promising an exercise with a note to practice more ring- training.
Female Lady Laika got in open class a Very Good and Brikla Baronne in the Veteran Class an Excellent + reserve CAC.
and one point for the Veterans Championship.

Hertogin Haley has this year received 6 invitations for a field trial, after she had done two races without success,
we decided to nevertheless equally take a crash course by Alain in France to teach her some Steadiness/Arret.
We have trained two days and then go home.

Haley find the field matches the best to do and she does it very well, she flanked very nicely through the fields,
this is the commentary of the judges.
But unfortunately there is little wild, lots of hares, even the four matches Haley has made none results after the crash course,
chose 2 x times the hares path.

On September 24 Jimmy (Karst) has achieved from the K-Nest a K.N.J.V. B. certificate, Congratulations.