1nd Quarter 2018

The new year is for the Fam. Van Bloois did not start well, they had to put Mylord Milo to sleep in, because he could no longer be trusted and a brain tumor had R.I.P.
The hips are checked by Lady Ziva and she has HD. A. Norberg value 40 cannot be better. We also had tested her eyes ECVO and they were also found to be good.
Now we have found a beautiful husband for her who also has H.D. A the same Norberg value.
The wait now is when Ziva is in heat and she can also get puppies.

January 12, M.-Nest became 2 years old.
January 17th echo of the coming O. Litter there are 10 counted ..
21 January The N- Nest is 1 year old.
Sylvia van Antwerpen (she will soon take over the kennel) trains every Wednesday with Pippa and Ziva at Dogsupport.
Slowly there is improvement at Ziva, but she still has a lot to learn.
Together with the pregnant Haley is not going well anymore, the solution is that Ziva will stay by Sylvia

7 February 10 puppies born O-Nest, 8 females and 2 males.1 bitch has a hard time.
O-Nest is again given a noble title for the call name OBI = Nigerian for Majesty and Prince.
February 11, the one bitch a pity did not make it.
Ziva is having a good time with her sister Pippa and big brother Eischoll.

March 3rd C-Nest 11 years old.
March 4 E-Nest 8 years old.
March 22 Haley get away from her pups and get some fresh air on the beach with Louis.
March 27th Liane Eekman, judge, comes to do the puppy test, it appears again that all new owners get their first choice.
The Fam. Van Bloois gets a new puppy / male Obi Odie.
Sylvia van Antwerpen also gets a female puppy and her name is Obi Fina this puppy will soon continue the kennel Van Achter De Duinen with Sylvia.
March 28 The chipper comes and the veterinarian Fleur Sonneveld of De Zwarte Zee comes to check the pups again and check the dogs passports.
From the 29th of March that is Good Friday the first pups go at nthe new owners are not all together but 2 to 2 at the same time.

After this Nico Dekker will adjust the website again with all the beautiful pictures of the O-Litter
which Sylvia van Antwerpen has made of the puppies, thanks Sylvia you are a Whopper / Topper.