1st Quarter 2015

The first quarter has started well with our new puppies that have gone around February 5, 2015 to their new owners.

Judge Liane Eekman-Llampio has tested all puppies on January 23, 2015 on character and passion for hunting, we got the compliments that the puppies were so well socialized.

On March 7, 2015 Louis weather has participated for the 1st time with Haley this year in a field trial in Hilvarenbeek NL, it was the first time she competed in the open class.

We had little to expect because they obviously had just had puppies and I had heard from others that they are less well after childbirth and that it takes a year before they return to normal.

Haley is a special case, she thought it was great to be in the field again and ran the stars of heaven, Louis was very proud of her, but as we are used there was little wild so she scored no points.

March 13 Louis is been with Haley to France in Lierville to join a course fieldwork headed by Wim Remortel, it was a group of 10 hunters who were taught, of course it was not only educational.  but also very cozy.

Saturday 28 March, Liane Eekman-lampio from  Kennel von Beer’s Freunde had organized a family day.  (www.vonbeersfreunde.wordpress.com)

Wewere alsoinvitedwith thepuppies fromtheL..litter .

We have make a long walk to the river Schelde, then there was a trimmer who told people how to be care a Heidewachtel , there was a behavior therapist that could help people when they have problems with their dog.

Liane thanks for socializing.