2nd Quarter 2016

2nd QUARTER 2016.
All puppies from M. Nest (Haley) have learned to swim.
F. Nest has become already 5 years and H. Nest 4 years.
Hunt Training from Pixel L. Nest has longer the better.
April was also the Nest evaluation from the L. Nest (Haley) which is organized by the Heidewachtel association.
There are also come to see the owners of the puppies from the last Nest M. (Haley), because they are the
next time on the turn of in 2017.
Caspar from last M. Nest has a new owner and is very happy also with his big cousin Benthe.

In May we made with Janneke Zwiers and Eefke from the E. Nest a nice Beachwalk, of course there were also
together with Brikla and Haley.
We have also brought in May at the owners all the pedigrees (M. Nest), it was a wonderful meeting with
the puppies,which make all good.
We also had a reunion from progeny derived from Eischoll – E. Nest with Benthe from Bens Friend.
Of course Granny Brikla was also present, with all we make a lovely beachwalk, Haley could not join unfortunately,
because she was in heat.
May 29 are participated from the M. Nest Pippa and Nero in the Clubmatch of Belgium ,where they were both reviewed
as promising by Judge Mr. Wellens, this was a great experience for the puppies of 4 1/2 months.

In June we are been for the first time on holiday since 10 years with the dogs Brikla and Haley.
We were allowed of Andrea and Michael den Bakker, they have now two dogs from the D. Nest Dante and Macey from
the M. Nest, using their small Fishing Cottage in Pendeen- Cornwall, England.
We are sailed with the Stena Line ferry from the Hoek van Holland at England, the dogs have slept in the car
and the next day we have drove about 700 km to Pendeen.
Cornwall has been a paradise for the dogs and we were rested at home and was for all an amazing relaxing holiday.