4nd Quarter 2017

The last quarter of 2017 a lot has happened.

Oct.1 Were all dogs from the kennel invited to attend the reunion in Zeeland-NL from the kennel Von Beer’s Freunde, because all dogs are also descendants of our tribe mother Yske and this was a Von Beer’s Freunde dog.
Oct.5 We have picked up Ziva (3 years) from the L-litter, because she could no longer stay with her female boss, because they had too little time for her.
Oct.7 Our regular guest, Lobke, was picked up again after a 12 day stay. Then we drove to the Vet with Haley and Ziva, have checked Ziva completely and at the same time let worming Haley and Ziva , because they both went with us to Cornwall (England) for a holiday of several weeks.
Oct.17 The K-litter has become 4 years old. Beike from the B-litter has finally found a very good new home by the fam. v/d Zalm, who have a daughter from Beike, Dolly from the L-litter. All two dogs have an enormously to their liking.

Nov.13 Back from Cornwall-Uk and now wait until Haley is in heat to be covered for the last time again by Adar in the Czech Republic.
Nov.16 Noble Eischoll from the E-litter was replaced by Johan van Antwerpen five years ago. He can regularly go hunting and occasionally cover a bitch.

Dec.1 The new Heidewachtel book has been released, there are a number of pictures of our dogs, such as Zoef from the N-litter and Pippa from the M-litter.
Dec 5 The L-litter has become 3 years old today and finally mature. Ziva can stay with us permanently, it’s going great between Haley and Ziva..
Dec.9 Snow in the Netherlands all dogs love it, only we have to go to the Czech Republic with Haley and Ziva, because Haley has to be covered
Dec.14 I’m sure Haley is pregnant and we expect puppies from Haley and Adar around February 12, 2018.
28/29 dec.Noble Eischoll E- litter has again covered a bitch.

We wish everyone a healthy, prosperous and dog-pleasing year 2018.