Breeding a small munsterlander as an all-rounder is for our kennel a must. Our dogs must not only be suitable as family dogs, but also deployable for hunting.

The fathers of our litters must be qualified gundogs and should be used by their owners for hunting.

All our litters are tested on character and passion for hunting, in order for a hunter, who is looking for a working dog, will receive a suitable dog. We also pay attention to the fact that there are people who are ‘only’ looking for a family dog. In that case, the test will also help to determine which is the more suitable dog for this particular household; a pup with less passion for hunting.

Several dogs, bred by our kennel, have acquired a KNJV C- and B-qualification in the Netherlands. Other dogs have accomplished a comparable result in The United Stated, Germany and Belgium.

Our own dogs are trained for hunting and Yske, the matriarch of our kennel, has a KNJV C- and B-qualification.

On October 5th 2011, Baraka, one of the pups of the E-litter, has received the qualification Good at a youth field competition.

Every year, we organize a special weekend in Cattenom, France, where we follow a special hunting course with a large group of dogs, including pups of Yske, Brikla en Haley,

Pictures of our weekends can be found here.

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